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Big Data


 "It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness" Chinese Proverb.



What is Big Data?


Big Data is in every industry and business function and is an important factor for production.

The concept of big data is a concept having itself popularized in 2012 to reflect the fact that companies are faced with volumes of data processing. 

There is no doubt that Big Data and especially what we do with it has the potential to become a driving force for innovation and value creation.



Why big data software?


With our software big data, we realize the potential of Big Data for your business today. Whether to find key information about a customer or to create a good foundation for growth, Imaengineerings offers its expertise and comprehensive solutions that help your organization prepare for the future by being centered on the data.


If you have specific technical needs, Imaengineerings offer qualified support over all phases of a big data life cycle project. These could be one or many of the following:

   • Identifying new Big data opportunities in your domain

   • Assess the suitability of your structure to Big data 

   • Plan a roadmap and specify the functional and technical transformation required to migrate to Big data 

   • Comparison between cloud and on site architecture (buy vs. lease) 

   • Application development based on following technologies

   • Extract Transformation Load (ETL) of data: Informatica, Talend, Oracle, script Hive

   • Application continuous maintenance and development

   • Data analytic and business intelligence (MBI):

   • Data sciences:

   • Staff training and coaching


Let us help illuminate your world with much more than a candle.


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