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The roll out time of new products to the market is getting shorter and shorter, so are their development cycles! And if practicing agile product development you have got to deliver every sprint (a week or two). You may also contractually be compelled to offer maintenance service for your products (in avionics it is a minimum of 30 years). Because of the obsolescence of electronics components, dismissed hardware needs to be replaced and software needs to be maintained and ported to new hardware platforms as well. Sometimes it is the clients that request to add features to products they have already bought.


We can support you in both your development and maintenance activities.


  • Tasking, Hightech GCC, Keil MDK, Wind River, Green Hil, Targetlink dSpace, , UML Entreprise architect, Rhapsody
  • PLS and Lauterbach emulators
  • Autosar, OSEK, Linux, KWP2000,UDS, MISRA 2012, Lint, CANoe, CANape
  • Single cores and heterogeneous multicore SoCs: Infineon Tricore, Multicore Aurix TC27x, Freescale MPC57xx, NXP Arm core Processors , Nec V850 , Fujitsu
  • Application, Low level drivers, Hardware abstraction layers, diagnostics and libraries development
  • Test specification, unit testing, integration testing
  • Tessy, LDRA, RTRT, Testwell CMT, Testwell CTT, Klocwork
  • Jenkins
  • ISO26262 - DO178b/c - IEC62304


  • Eagle, Altium Design
  • FPGA: Altera FPGAs, Xilinx FPGAs, Actel FPGAs
  • PCB Layout development and Schematics entry
  • VHDL IEEE Standard 1076, Standard 1164
  • DO 254
  • Hardware bring up, Hardware testing, EMC Testing and correction

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